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Time Away LLC

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Our Mission

To produce practical products at a reasonable price to enhance our future quality of life.

Our Vision

To eliminate setbacks for inventors, visionaries, and dreamers as they embark on their success journey.

About Our Founder

William "Bill" Massey is an exemplary entrepreneur renowned for his innovative ventures and dedication to community service. As the founder and CEO of Time Away LLC, he has carved a distinct niche in the market with his flagship product, the Restroom Kit.

A recipient of the NAACP Neighborhood Award, Bill's commitment to excellence extends beyond the boardroom. His entrepreneurial journey is intertwined with a profound sense of duty towards his community and a passion for empowering others. Bill and his team are anxious to get started with you. Schedule a consultation with us, and let us help you bring your product to life!

Bill's journey to entrepreneurship is marked by resilience and determination. A service-disabled veteran, he has overcome numerous challenges, emerging stronger and more resilient each time. His military background instilled in him invaluable skills of discipline, leadership, and adaptability, which he seamlessly translates into his entrepreneurial endeavors.

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The Restroom Kit, a brainchild of Bill's innovative thinking and his wife, Sonia's, support skills, has garnered widespread acclaim for its practicality and convenience. Designed to enhance personal hygiene on the go, the Restroom Kit has become a must-have accessory for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and individuals with active lifestyles.

Beyond his business success, Bill finds fulfillment in mentoring and supporting fellow entrepreneurs. His altruistic spirit and genuine desire to see others succeed have earned him the respect and admiration of peers in the entrepreneurial community. Bill's willingness to share his knowledge and expertise has helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting and growing their businesses.

Bill remains guided by his core values of integrity, resilience, and community impact in every endeavor. Through Time Away LLC and the Restroom Kit, he continues to make a positive difference in individuals' lives while leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.